Garo Voice Over Services

Although Garo is not much in vogue language, it is still one of the most spoken languages in north eastern part of India. To cater the requirements from our clients for Garo Voice Over Services, we have native Garo speakers who are well trained and come equipped with the technical knowhow for the job. Nonetheless, we at Cosmic Sounds are offering of the most trusted and reliable Garo VO for our clients in India and abroad. Additionally, since we have been doing this job for several years, we are the people who could be trusted for the job.

Since Garo is a major language in the north eastern region of the country and there are several colleges and institutes that are offering education in this language, our voice over services for colleges and universities could be of great utility. Whether it is about direction or educating the youngsters, we can deliver the most professional services for our clients like colleges and universities. We are making sure that all the voice overs are done by the local Garo speakers for authenticity and accuracy.

Major Areas covered in Garo VO services

As the data from the government of India shows Garo is spoken mostly by the Garo tribe in the north east of India, especially in the hill state of Meghalaya. Additionally, sizeable Garo speakers live in Kamrup, Goalpara and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam. Garo speakers also live in the State of Nagaland and Mymensing district of Bangladesh. You can also spot them in Dhaka, Gazipur, Sirajpur, Rangpur etc. which are major places in Bangladesh. Some of the major areas or disciplines that we cater include:

  • Video games developers and Phone Systems like IVR
  • VO for videos on advertisement, branding
  • Marketing and rapport building communication videos
  • Educational programs for kids including of animated films and character series
  • VO for sports and documentaries
  • Professional voice over for audio books, suitable for authors and book publishers

Professional VO Artists from Native Speaker Community

We are the people who could be trusted for the voice over services even when you have a requirement that needs sharing sensitive data and documents as we keep privacy and data security as our primary goal. Additionally, we not just provide professional Garo VO services for a wide range of projects and industries; we offer custom solutions when there is something that is not in the list of the services. Therefore, even when there is something that you don’t see in our website you can still contact us and we would try to fit in your requirements.

Also as we are here to help our clients with Garo native voice over artists they tend to get genuine voice that would sound and appear like the one from the region. It would help connect with the Garo people of the north eastern India.

Connecting Well with Garo Speakers

Any community loves the content that is in their language as it is easier for them to understand and process the information well. Keeping all this in mind Cosmic Sounds has been delivering the professional VO in Garo to clients for years. What makes us unique is the fact that all our artists are native speakers from the local universities and educational centers in the north East India. They are not just well versed with the language, they also understand the culture and ethos of the region.

Last but not the least, our native Garo speakers are not just well qualified in the language but at the same time come with vast experience in several industries. Thus, they make good use of their experience when they are delivering Garo VO.

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