Subtitling Services in India

We are a post-production agency having a professional team with all abilities to offer high-quality captioning as well as subtitling services in various languages. Having the capability to handling a wide range of formats &having a delivery record of around 5k+ minutes of subtitled files across the coming few months. Our work and client testimonials speak for us and how we are providing all our services. We are proud to announce that all our clients belong to some diverse industries such as animation, e-learning, gaming, corporate, movies, TV-series, and others. 

We give Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) amenities on the website, some assignments related to subtitling are uploaded in all sorts of digital formats and finished with the help of the platform, and therefore it helps to save logistics and time to the customers. 

Subtitles are the textual representation of all dialogues and some on-screen text in the same manner or can also be done in any other foreign language. 

Mostly, subtitles are applicable as well as used for some pre-recorded videos such as eLearning videos, films, TV shows, employee training videos, and so on. The types of audiovisual localization or translation are popular as subtitling. 

Our translation process for Subtitling:  

There are some set of steps that we follow to translate the translation process as given below: 

  1. We get a quote directly from the client and then, check the content in the video.
  2. Create all subtitle texts in the SRT format that includes dialogues or speech transcription straightly from the original video. 
  3. Subtitle localization or translation in a required language format, we can call it the target language too. 
  4. A Quality Check of the whole video by turning on the subtitles. 
  5. Delivering the final file with all subtitles. 

The entire process of Subtitling services varies from one project to another. All services are available as per the requirements of the clients and it is good to choose a suitable caption based on the requirements of the service provider or broadcaster.

Some of the supported File formats include Timed Text Markup Language, Distribution Format Exchange Profile, SubRip, Transcript, Web Video Text Track – WebVTT, YouTube Format, and Spruce Subtitle File. 

Videos we accept for subtitling services in India

We follow some strict policies and a proper streamlined procedure for translations of the subtitles. We offer some subtitling services in different languages for: 

  • Pre-recorded TV programs 
  • YouTube Videos
  • Webcasts
  • Social Media Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Animation
  • Music Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Feature, TV series, Documentary 
  • Vlogs

What do we offer in Subtitling? 

Subtitling is the effective way to expand into and communicate with the end consumer of video.  It brings more clarity to the communication and bridges the problems of not understanding the language with complete clarity.

 At times the ascent might be different or even the dialect in such cases subtitling clears the communication blocks and the communication. Subtitling is very effective to break the regional language barriers also. The origins of subtitling were mainly used in English movies and then regional movies.

Later it extended to other modes of video communication such as ads, corporate videos, e learning, Social media videos on Facebook and YouTube and other social education communication.

We offer some different types of subtitling services in India to fulfill all demands of our clients. Some of them have categorized below: 

  • Intralingual Subtitling

It is the entire procedure of subtitling within a single language that has been spoken. This kind of subtitling service is especially targeted in the case of deaf audiences, language learners, and others. 

  • Interlingual Subtitling

Interlingual subtitling, on the other end of the spectrum, is a process of subtitling in two languages.

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