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We are a one-stop destination for offering all sorts of transcription services based in India. With millions of minutes recording and many happy clients, we are the trusted one for offering all accurate as well as quick services. Our India-based company comes with a background to make sure that they meet all desirable expectations. Our only aim is to offer professional transcription services in India that will guarantee you 99.99 percent accuracy for all high-quality audio.

Why choose our transcription services?

All our branches of transcription services in India enable you to get quality services. We never go for non-human methods of transcription like robots & any other algorithms. The transcribers are real people across India.

We hire all India-based transcribers and it guarantees full accuracy in any kind of transcripts. All sets of transcripts are submitted by following all the steps of proofreading, re-verified, and reviewed to ensure that the accuracy and quality standards are met properly.

To offer a high level of accuracy and maintain it all the time, we always hire some professionals from different industrial backgrounds. It allows meeting all types of transcription services for maintaining accuracy as well as a fast timeline.

Transcription Process to obtain high accuracy

We provide professional transcription services in Delhi, Mumbai, India right from movie subtitling & captioning to medical research paper presentations, Marketing presentations, financial services events and announcements, government agency news, marriages and sermons, Legal, media & entertainment, school & college academics, news and live interviews.

We follow some particular steps to get all accuracy in place and the whole process has given below:

  1. Transcription: Files have been segregated into different sections and transcribed through a professional transcriptionist.
  2. Review: All sections get reviewed clearly and track all timestamps as well as speaker tracking.
  3. Proofreading: Here, all sections get edited and timestamps are added along with speaker tracking.
  4. Quality check: Proofreading of the transcripts has been done to make sure the accuracy will get fulfilled.

What transcripts do we need to provide?

We know the nuances of the language and how it can add value by having a right and effective resource for the services. Our team does transcription for both audio and video in different languages. 

We specialize in board meetings, company and industry conferences, seminars, research presentations and a wide range of academic event transcription.

The accuracy and turnaround time is the best in the industry. The reason for this is our 12 year long journey in the voice and video business and the clients we have served with best service delivery.

We have enlisted some of the sorts of services that we provide under the transcription services :

  • Academic Transcription
  • General Transcriptions
  • Recording Transcriptions
  • Book Transcriptions
  • Research Transcription
  • Call Transcriptions
  • Religious Transcriptions
  •  Seminar Transcriptions
  • Legal Transcriptions
  • Media Transcriptions

Online transcription services packages

Our transcription service prices are reasonable and economical as compared to others in the same industry. All our multilingual team of professionals covers more than a hundred languages from all around the globe.

 Transcription services in Delhi, Mumbai is a certified one that delivers all premium services, in India and across the world.

Our list of prices is the one that fits the best with all the budgets of the clients. Our costs are quite fair and affordable at the same moment, with no more additional charges at all. The charges of the transcription services vary from project to project. We always charge a minimum price to get a quality standard price that fulfills all needs in a row. We charge what is reasonable and guarantees high quality altogether.

Backed by a team of professionals and qualified transcriptionists, project managers, and proof-readers, we are the ones that offer best-in-class services.


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