Cosmic Sounds - Voice Over & Dubbing Company in India

Cosmic Sounds is a professional dubbing company and has more than 10 voice over recording studios in Delhi & has been in the ecosystem over 12 years. We provide best dubbing services in Mumbai , Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai also we are catering to voice over services for various industries such as advertising, entertainment, e learning, radio, IVR, telecom service providers, IOT, Fintech, Banking, OTT, engineering, bio technology, government sector  and AI solution providers across India. 

Cosmic Sounds is one of  best voice over provider in India who expert in  text to speech recordingSource Connect and Session Link Pro For Voice Over  and  Remote Recording services

The company stands to be a one stop solution for all voiceover requirements. Find a host of value added services such as voice over of different artists with harmonious background score, dubbing in all Indian languages and multiple foreign languages. The service offering is bundled with, translation of audios and scripts, subtitling and transcription of video and audio clips. We have extremely talented workmanship with highly efficient skillsets. The team has high amount of experience in audio visual solutions across industries and are well equipped to deliver quality and error free services.

We are known to provide quality and actionable output according to the client’s requirement. This process has made us the first choice when it comes to professional voice over company in the ecosystems. It’s not about the voice over it’s the feel of the end service delivery we provide.

Our facility also gives us the expertise to provide specialization in translation, localization, Interpretation, DTP & creative content writing services.

What Does Cosmic Sounds Do

Audio & Video Localization in Indian & Foreign Languages

Voice over Services

Delivering specialized voice over studio services in multiple languages for all major industries in India & Abroad.

Dubbing Services

Speedy professional dubbing agency. Working with certified dubbing artist who offer accurate services for corporates and commercial movies.

Subtitling Services

Multilingual subtitling services studio for commercial communication, OTT, short and long format content creators & providers.

Translation Services

Translation services in India at reasonable cost. Quality work with certified translator team, fast turnaround and excellent Service delivery.

Localization Services

Best in class Quality of Localization Services for Multilingual Websites, digital marketing & communication. Ready to deliver in 80 plus languages.

Interpretation Services

Professional Interpretation Company. Proficient work with skilled and certified translator team to deliver high quality output in global languages.

Transcription Services

Effective and logical transcription work for multiple industries in all Indian and Famous foreign language. Adding complete value to the voice.

Recording Studio

Own voice over recording studios setup and experienced voice over artist in Delhi.  State of the art studio services for professional voice recording, editing and post production requirements.

Industries Services

OTT Service Providers

We provide on demand voice over, dubbing, subtitling and metadata translation services for OTT services and content providers.

Radio & TV ad Services

Our age long experience in providing voice over and musical composition for Radio and Tv ads with maximum creativity.


For any IVR requirement in voice and music we are a best match to provide end to end solutions for all requirements.

Fintech Services

In the growing age of payments and fintech, we are equipped with the specific voice services necessities of this industry.

Banking and Financial Services

The in depth of understanding of the process and requisites of the BFSI industry makes us the first choice for the voice based requirements.

Telecom & Value Added Services Providers

Specialization of recording voice over for result oriented service provision for telecom, VAS & Content providers.


To match the learn from home requirements across languages, we provide unmatched experience in voice input services

Government and Municipal Requirements

The complete understanding of the government and municipal necessities have helped us be the one stop shop for the voice over and translation requirements.

Why Choose Us


Quality is one of the main aspects which gives us an upper edge over the other players in the market. Our processes, quality control and audit checks ensure the performance of the translator’s services and with the same process we ensure the job assignment to the direct set of translators who have experience in delivering flawless service output according to specific requirements.

Fast Turnaround

Lightning speed business strategies and implementations calls for fast turnaround of services. We ensure the job is done in a record time and believe in under promising and over delivering wherever the time constraint is high. This has made our offering notable in the market and is a definite USP for the clients and partners.

Service Delivery

The most intangible part of our business offering is the service delivery. We ensure all the team members are customer centric whenever it comes to service delivery of services or reverting on the job assignment, accounting, administrative and documentation process. The offering gets a crowning accomplishment due to our meticulous process orientation of Service delivery and has reduced the retention costs for our organization.

Our Clients

Information Technologies
TV channels





What Clients Say?

  • We had an ease of recording the introduction music with our band in the studio. Yes it was a too much to ask from Varun but no doubt he has led us the way and did the recording and editing before the end of day. Thanks a ton for extending the support for a new client like us.

    Vikas Rathor
  • My friend recommended voice over studio. I fixed up the commercials and delivery time and the support was well extended. They have a good TAT also. Good value for money and peace of mind.

    Priti Singh
  • It was getting a bit tough for me to get the e learning programing done, thanks to cosmic sounds team. It was done with their professional translators and special voice over artists.

    Rohit Nagar
  • I was searching a good voice over company in Delhi for recording the voice prompts for IVR as it was urgent due to the pandemic. The work was done as required and the files were also transferred via email and web transfer. The costing was also good.

    Arti Singh
  • We required voice samples in different language for our voice over campaign in 4 languages. Cosmic sounds not only helped in translating it to the required format but also made recording for the same done in the different language. In my experience in the ad industry this was the first time all under 1 roof.

    Srikant Iyer


What all services available

Voice over, Subtitling, Dubbing, translation, multilingual solutions, localization. Interpretation, transcription, DTP and related services.

What is the costing process

This is totally depended on the type and volume of services required.

Quotation cost and methodology

Process of quotation is assimilation of the job work and providing the rates according to the rate card for the specific service.

Time for service delivery

Time frame from job assignment to receipt of finished work will be informed in the quotation and service start communication

Payment terms

Always advance payment. In case of lengthy job it will be on batch to batch.

Value added services

Proof reading, documentation of subtitling, QC, voice over file versions and background sound & jingle mixing

Data security

We follow strict data and customer details management.


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