Burmese Voice Over Services

Cosmic Sounds is a full-service audio production studio, and we are specializing in languages other than English and Hindi. If you need a Burmese Voice Over Service, our Burmese Voice Over Artists can help with everything from initial translation to final recording sessions.

Cosmic Sounds provides all type of Burmese voiceover and recording services such as:

  • Simple voiceover in Burmese
  • Screen synced voiceover in Burmese
  • Time synced voiceover in Burmese
  • Lip sync voiceover in Burmese

Full-service Voice-over agency in Burma

Cosmic Sounds Voice Over Company  has Burmese voiceover artists. Choose your favourite Burmese artist, and we will record them, edit the audio, and sync it to the video, so it’s ready to publish. All of your Burmese voiceover translation needs can be met by our in-house translation department.

  • Receive files and double-check information.

When we receive your files, our team double-checks the source video, your scripts, and any voice requirements to ensure that the rates and deadlines are met.

  • Prepare to do voiceover

We assign your project to the most qualified voice actors and technicians, who will thoroughly research the video content before beginning work on it.

  • Check for native code in your script

Our native reviewers will go over the transcript and make any necessary changes to make the final script suitable for your video in terms of length, reading, speech, and style.

  • Perform voice overs

Our talented voice artists perform the voiceover for your video in a well-equipped studio based on the script provided.

  • Audio and video mixing

Our technical team works on the audio files to ensure the best sound quality and that the voices and sounds are in sync with the video’s movements.

  • QA for voice overs

To eliminate all sound issues and ensure mixed product quality, a quality control process is carried out.

  • Export and deliver the final product

We convert the mixed files to the format you specify and deliver the finished product.

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We have an experienced professional voiceover artist, and our team assists you in delivering a great quality of service. Get in touch with us to know more details.

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