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Voice Over Services in India from Professional & Native Artists

Voice over is a production process of new sound synchronization over the original dialogue in a video or a movie with some local recordings. Voice over is a multiple-sided process that needs the linguist’s expertise to voice actors as well as sound engineers.

Most of the audiences prefer dialogues in their native languages rather than subtitles that enhance the demand for voice over services and we have a team of professionals who know all technical ins & outs to offer flawless voice over projects in various languages.

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Types of voice over services

From writing a profound script to delivering a great narration through impactful voice, Cosmic Sounds – Multilingual Voice Over Agency India have a comprehensive catalogue for clients looking for indigenous voice over services in Delhi India.

Best part about our VO services is that we have a process not just to understand the specific requirements from clients but also to deliver them the project within a stipulated time period with assured quality.

Film Voice Over

Our qualified professional’s voiceover artists with an ultimate finesse and matching the movement of lips as well as fluency in native.

TV series Voice Over

With ample options available, you can pick up the one according to your requirements of voice, gender, style, age, and tone, which make our team of professionals a perfect fit for the same.

Documentary Voice Over

Our experienced professionals have expertise in managing all projects of a documentary. A personalized workflow of projects is maintained when voice over for any documentaries for getting quality outputs.

Live-action Voice Over

our professionals of experienced voice over artists match with all movements of the lips as well as dialogues and produce top-notch quality live-action videos or film.

Theatrical Voice Over

These services go out of simple voice over voice acting. Our professional voice over artists record all high-quality lists of audios and create an enhancing experience of the whole film.

Promotional Voice Over

Cosmic Sounds brings high-end VO services for clients for their commercials. Our VOAs have tons of experience to bring effective impressions and emotions when they give their voice to TV commercials.

Animation films or ads

At Cosmic Sounds we have teams of trained VOAs who give their voice to characters being used in an animation film or advertisement. Our services are also used for narration of children’s books, videos and video games.

Corporate Communication

Whether it is training videos or promotional material and human resources videos, our trained and experienced VOAs deliver you top of the line.

Game Voice Over 

Enhance Your Gaming Experience With Game Voice Over Services

Languages We are covering in Voice Over

Indian Languages Voice Over

Asian Languages Voice Over

European Language  Voice Over

African Language Voice Over

Why Cosmic Sound For Voice Over Services in India?

We are proud to make our clients happy and help them in getting high-class voice over services across seventy nations. We are professionals based in India who prowess in voice-over activities and also, extend our services to a level at an affordable price to get all benefits.

We keep an eye over the whole voice over process and delivering some engaging adaptations in foreign languages in a short period. Select from thousands of voice talents or place an order in your special voice casting to match with the screen performers. The Voice over services in India has some advantages such as we have given below:

    • State-of-the-art voice over studio
    • Dedicated project manager
    • 100+ voice-over actors

Being a voice over service provider, we proffer all high-quality services that span around industries like eLearning, Gaming, Entertainment, Advertising, and Corporate. It is a hassle-free single destination from where you can get voice over services in different languages by maintaining an innovative and top-class studio.

It is a pool of professional voice over artists that provides our clients with abundant options to select based on requirements of voice, gender, tone, style, and age. Our professionals include all voice over artists, translators, and production managers at a very competitive price while preserving the genuine tone of the content.

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Multilingual Voice Over Work Portfolio


Our Clients

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What kind of Voice Over Services Do You Offer?

Cosmic Sounds, a trusted voice over service in India offers Film over service, Documentary Voice Over, TV series Voice Over, Promotional Voice Over, Live-action Voice Over, Game Voice Over, Animation films or ads, Corporate Communication, Theatrical Voice Over.

What’s the Importance of Documentary Voice Over Services?

The script is efficiently communicated with the aid of documentary voice-over. The need for documentary voice-overs is growing as domestic and international documentary channels proliferate. Professional voice-over companies and dubbing studios offer voice-over services for documentaries.

Why Should You Invest in Voice Over Company in India?

The importance of the voice-over industry has increased recently. The growing need for voice talent has been influenced by video blogging, social media video marketing, interactive videos, and more. In-house video production is now simpler than ever. To make your explainer, social media video, or vlog stand out, you must invest in expert voice acting. It’s not difficult to find these voices on demand. However, a brand has to know what to look for when choosing the right talent for the position.

What All Industries Can Avail Benefits of VO Services?

Several industries can get benefits from VO services in 2023 such as:
• Advertising
• e-Learning
• Entertainment
• Banking
• Biotechnology
• Radio
• Engineering
• Government sector
• Telecom service providers

What’s the Benefit of Voice Over (VO) Services in Different Languages?

VO services are a crucial component in communicating with audiences all over the world. Different types of voice over translation may be used, depending on the original video. Whatever the method, this has definite advantages over subtitles and transcripts. It can guarantee that mood, tone, and other subliminal cues are maintained in addition to delivering information in a way that is far clearer and more real.

Why Hire Native Artists for Voice Over Services in India?

Your video footage may come to life and give charm to your message with the help of good voiceovers. Voice-overs can enhance the effect of video ads by making viewers feel more relevant and connecting with the message more deeply, whether you’re trying to translate language or add a story to your footage.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing Best Voice Over Agency in India?

In India and the rest of the world, there are innumerable companies offering voiceover services. The prominence of the voiceover industry in the media segment is what makes it so profitable. Given that voice-over projects frequently originate from around the globe, the best voice-over service providers in Kolkata, or in any other city, would provide their services around-the-clock. It is advisable to select a voice over agency with cooperative business practises while looking for voice over in Indian languages.

It is advised to take your time to research the voice over artist’s acting skill and vocal range as well as the service provider’s experience in this industry. Before drawing any conclusions, one should examine the demography and long-term viability as well. Cosmic Sounds makes sure all the needed points are met to provide the best result.

Why Cosmic Sounds Tops the List of Voice Over Agency in India?

Known as one-stop destination as reputed voice over company in India, Cosmic Sounds has a strong hold in the industry. The agency is known to cater services in International languages in addition to Indian languages. With years of dedication, understanding and knowledge of voice over services, the team is active in meeting your exact needs.

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