Bhojpuri Voice Over Services

When it comes to offering exclusive Bhojpuri voice over services, we are a trusted name in the industry, especially after delivering some of the profound work for several organizations. Nevertheless, as Bhojpuri entertainment industry has grown several times over the decades, demand for quality VOA and dubbing has gone up as well. We have been catering to some of these clients operating in Bhojpuri film industry. Over the decades Bhojpuri movies have become successful in terms of aesthetics and as a form of serious investment.

This is why even the requirement for quality and professional Bhojpuri Voice Over Services has gone up from the film industry. According to some estimates Bhojpuri film industry is worth Rs 2000 crore.

Bhojpuri VO Services from Experts

Since Bhojpuri is one of the most popular languages in the eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Nepal, any organization or entertainment entity willing to explore these regions needs to connect through the local language. The VO services in Bhojpuri from our artists are all set to give a tremendously successful and impactful experience whether it is documentary or a film. The VO services are catering the requirements from our clients for this popular language whether it is advertisements or presentations for an event or meeting.

Moreover, since we work with our clients for Bhojpuri voice over they have convenient transition to the region where the language is spoken. For instance, they get advantage in terms of reach with ease i.e. not a lot of effort is required after voice over in Bhojpuri. Therefore, if you are looking for professional solutions for your Bhojpuri voice over Cosmic Sounds is the name to reckon with. Here we deliver the services that are known for their accuracy, time-efficiency and high level of quality.

Our Bhojpuri VO services are built to assuage your difficulties in dealing with multilingual challenges. We are here to deliver the best of both worlds’ services for the clients in terms of quality and timely delivery of the project so that the lingering costs do not go up.

Native Bhojpuri VO artists

Being a leading name in translation industry, Cosmic Sounds has an edge over other voice over companies as it has too many linguists and artists to cover several languages that include Bhojpuri. Additionally, we understand that with local communication any company or organization could reach to the wide audience and customer base and to reach to Bihar, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Nepal, there is nothing better than Bhojpuri. VO for videos on Training & Instruction Manuals, Medical & Healthcare Documents, Technical and Scientific research, etc. in Bhojpuri is done here by native speakers.

We at Cosmic Sounds offer Bhojpuri VO services for the following segments: translation for the companies delivering the following services:

  • Videos on Legal, Automotive, Medical, FMCG, etc.
  • Exploration videos on Oil and Gas sector, Pharmaceutical, Tourism
  • Visuals on Mobile Localization, E-learning, Game, etc.
  • Instruction videos on Telecommunication, Heavy Equipment, Healthcare, Financial services, etc.

Edge with Cosmic Sounds

It helps to have native speakers as VO artists and that is what makes us unique when it comes to Bhojpuri VO services. Bhojpuri is one of the sweetest languages spoken in India and it is also one of the few languages that are spoken internationally as quite a large number of Bhojpuri speaking people are settled Surinam, Mauritius, etc.  Since we have trained and educated as well as experienced artists for the job, we deliver the most authentic Bhojpuri voice over services. The voice not just looks original and authentic Bhojpuri but also comes with intonations that are fundamental for local touch.



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