Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation services in India

Simultaneous interpreting has emerged as one of the most sought after interpretation services where we interpret the speaker when he or she is making a speech. Our interpreter reformulates the speech into a language his audience understands. Moreover, as this goes hand in hand i.e. simultaneously, it is called simultaneous interpretation for all practical purposes.

Being a professional service provider, it is natural for us to offer client-centric interpretation services in India and focus on quality deliverables.

How do we help our clients with Simultaneous Interpretation?

We follow the fundamental principles of interpretation where our interpreters first listen actively to understand and then analyze the conversation or speech to structure the message and then finally reproduce the message for further communication. Moreover, we understand that simultaneous interpretation should be done only by language experts and for that, we have many of them. They are all from reputed academic institutions with accomplished record of studies and research.

Best Professionals Skills

Offering the most professional Simultaneous Interpretation services in Delhi for clients from India and around the world, we have teams of interpreters who serve with excellent academic background and skills:

  • Fluency of Delivery in multiple languages
  • Logical Cohesion for interpretation
  • Correct Terminology for accuracy
  • Pleasant Voice and Correct Grammar for impactful interpretation
  • Synchronicity and Consistency in the interpretation for easy understanding
  • Appropriate Style and Live Intonation for meaningful and accurate interpretation
  • Completeness and Native Accent for localized experience

Why Cosmic Sounds

Whether it is a conference, seminar, press conference, or any other event, Cosmic Sounds is well prepared with simultaneous interpretation services in India for clients. Apart from helping out our clients with ongoing interpretation simultaneously, we also offer the following interpretation services that may come handy for them and quite similar to simultaneous interpretation to a great extent:

  • Serving our clients with Interpreting Equipment
  • International Interpreting in several languages
  • Hospital Interpreting for medical and health services providers as well as patients
  • Technical interpreting for tech conferences, client meetings, business transactions, etc.
  • Consecutive Interpreting Services for meetings and conferences
  • Conference Interpreting for speakers and participants
  • Court Interpreting for legal processes and hearings
  • Business interpreting for meetings, merger and acquisition, and new regional setups, etc.
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