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Malay is an Austronesian language spoken in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and parts of Thailand. Also, it is a commercial language in the southern Philippines, the cities of Bataraza and Barabas, the southern Zamboanga Peninsula and Sulu Island and the Muslim island of Palawan. We Cosmic sounds are one of the top Malay voice over services that assist you in communicating for all your needs. Our experienced team of production managers and native Malay voice-over artists help you reach your target market without hassles.

What makes us different?

  • Holistic view

Conveying your message to authentic customers in Malay is a challenging task. Thereby, we are here. We Cosmic Sounds will determine your company’s needs and put a lot of effort into bringing the voice for your needs. Our team reviews customer materials, assigns native translators, proofread translated scripts, organize castings and help you to choose the suitable voice actors to match the original voices. Our process is easy and convenient in a secure studio environment.

  • Culture first approach

We are the best voice-over partner and offer recording services for commercial, promotional videos, eLearning, explainer videos, audiobooks, IVR, etc. We focused on technology and craft your content in Malay and achieve a native feel with our culture first approach on localization. We consider the tradition and recreate the immersive, relevant and engaging viewer experience. Our native speakers breathe life into your stories and bring characters closer to the local viewer’s hearts.

  • Focus on viewer experience

We offer excellent Malay voice over services at competitive prices. Also, we provide other language support. By undergoing a lot of quality checks, your original content is products. We convey your message with creativity that reflects more than the original. After getting our Malay voice over services, you can experience how you reach the target customers. Our effort will bring huge success to your business.

Experience The Difference!

Cosmic sounds are the one-stop solution for all your voice needs. We have an extensive partner network of professionally recorded studios, an experienced team of production managers, and individual voice-over artists all over the globe. We successfully delivered the project before the scheduled time. Get in touch with us to magnify your business.

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