Website Translation ( Localization ) services

At Cosmic Sounds, we have developed expertise in delivering the finest localization services in India for our clients whether they are from India or abroad. We understand the importance of localization of your website so that your business can reach to new regions and linguistic areas. More people it reaches, higher the opportunities to gain businesses.

In our localization of website process, we not just refine website content through culture, language and flow but also provide the most useful and relevant experience for users in their native language. Moreover, our translators work tirelessly to study and analyze the local culture, sensibilities and ethos to bring professional website localization.

Website Localization services in Delhi focuses on customers

The entire purpose of website localization is to pay attention to what local customers would want and how would they react when they visit the website. Our experienced and trained translators and content developers help with powerful user preference-detection technology for the client’s website. This technology is known for identifying the customers’ preferences and welcomes them in their language.

Competitive Edge with Cosmic Sounds Website Localization Services

Over the years our translators and linguists have developed website localization expertise. We keep the following factors into consideration when offering website localization services in Delhi to our clients:

Local language and sensibilities

Our translators ensure that copy, content and brand voice are in sync with the local language without compromising the original content. We also keep sense and sensibilities of local people, their culture, behavioral pattern, etc. in mind when localizing the website.

Local Formats for local consumption

Each culture has its own cultural setups and writing dates, spelling the local names, etc. Our translators keep all these factors in mind when localizing the website.

Local methods of Transactions

Our localization experts when working on the client’s website ensure that elements like local currency, payment options, addresses and character sets, etc. are designed and developed to suit the local users.

Local addresses and contact

Gone are days of one-way communication, now all websites need to have local communication and trust elements. Our localization experts ensure that contact has local phone numbers, local addresses, customer support and legal notices in local languages.

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