Book Translation Services

Books whether fiction or nonfiction should be easily accessible by all and language should never be a barrier in reading. Our company is committed to translate your work in the manner you want and in the language you desire because we understand the importance of the literary works. When you hire book translation services in India from our translators, you are expanding your chances of reaching to the readers on a wide scale.

What do we translate?

Book translation has always been a great work for translators as it places them at the similar place where the original writer was. Literary translation is one of the most difficult tasks for any translator as he has to maintain the soul of the text and at the same time localize the text to meet the sense and sensibilities of the people. We deliver the quality translation services while ensuring the same meaning and context of the lines.

We at Cosmic Sounds translate a range of books, periodicals, etc. in the following genres:

    • Biographies
    • Novels and Dramas
    • Children’s books
    • Art catalogues
    • Architecture and urban design books
    • Cookery books and books on Wines and spirits
    • Guide books and Gardening books
    • Crafts books and eBooks
    • Phrasebooks and dictionaries
    • Educational material books and Periodicals as well as Travel books

Competitive Book Translation Services in India

Delhi being a hub for publication is also a center for translation whether it is a novel, drama or biography. We understand that literary translation is important as it allows literature to be accessed by more people worldwide A book translated in a local or native language brings more engagement and sales. Nonetheless, book translation services from Cosmic Sounds have been helping readers access novels, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, poems, prose, etc. in their local languages. Our services offer an advantage to the authors to enhance the reach of their books to the global readers.

Why should you hire Cosmic Sounds?

Being an industry leader in translation services, we understand that cultural references are relevant and they should be kept in the mind while translating the text. We also make sure that the original meaning, tone and style of the text in translation is not lost. Nonetheless, the linguistic team ensures that the translated text contains the soul of the original work.

Apart from contributing to the success of financial organizations with financial translation and interpretation, Cosmic Sounds also contributes in the legal translation, literary translation, and medical translation well. Additionally, as the demand for scientific translation and interpretation has gone up, the organizations also look for technical translation. We also deliver technical translation services for the organizations looking for scientific translation and interpretation services.

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