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Find out why we’re the most talked about Sotho (Sesotho) voice over agency in the UK. You must have come to know that Sesotho known as Southern Sotho. It is a national language of Lesotho. The language is one of eleven national languages of South Africa.

There are no less than eight million native Sesotho speakers between the two nations, including Zimbabwe. You will be amazed to know that “Lesotho” translates as “The land of the people who speak Sesotho”.  There is a slight difference in dialect across the language.

We are one of the most trusted Sotho (Sesotho) Voice Over Agencies in the industry offers end to end Sotho voice over services. Our Sesotho voice talent are not only native experts, but also resident within the language; therefore, they ensure that your Sesotho voice over projects will be true to its target market.

When it comes to Sotho voice over service we are counted in top five in the industry. Our handpicked talented voice over artists is available for quick turnaround on your next projects. When you choose Cosmic Sounds, rest assured you have chosen the best in the industry. Don’t look here and there! Contact us today to get started!



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