Bespoke Tigrinya Voice Over Service By Cosmic Sounds

 The Tigrinya language is a beautiful Semitic language, which is widely communicated by the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. You will be amazed to know that Eritrea has 9 languages of the same status. There is no certified language at the policy level, but we do maintain a level to give our clients the best of best quality Tigrinya voice over service.

Needless to say, it is the key language of the Tigrinya people. Almost 6.9 million speakers in Eritrea and Northern Africa communicate in this particular language. A great number of Africans living in neighbouring countries also speak it is as a secondary language, so the popularity is a bit high you can understand.

Tigrinya Voice Over By Cosmic Sounds

Cosmic Sounds is a full-service audio and voice-over production house based in India with offices multiple locations in the country. Here, you get high quality of Tigrinya voice-over and recording services and many other languages at a competitive rate. You will get script translation, transcription, translation, recording, editing, and high standard of audio syncing. Types of Tigrinya voice-over services provided by Cosmic Sounds:

  • Simple voice-over in Tigrinya
  • Screen synced voice-over in Tigrinya
  • Time synced voice-over in Tigrinya
  • Lip sync voice-over in Tigrinya

We are equipped with highly talented team of specialized voice over professionals. We have been offering Tigrinya voice over service for years and have satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world. Cosmic Sounds is widely known as Tigrinya voice over talent hub. Our experienced as well as qualified team of voice over is on round the clock for providing post-production work in sync with you and fully understand your project requirements.

Artists Sample Voice of  Tigrinya Language Voice Over


Our Work for Tigrinya Language Voice Over Dubbing

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