French Voice Over services

We are a professional provider of multilingual voice over services. We also specialise in offering quality-assured French voice over services.

We currently operate 10+ voiceover recording studios in Delhi NCR. Each recording studio is equipped with state-of-the-art recording, live processing and post-processing equipment.

We use only the premium versions of reputed audio recording, signal enhancement and noise cancellation software. The post-processing software our certified experts use is the latest in the sector.

About our French voice over services

We have certified and experienced sound engineers, recording studio staff members and sound directors under our payroll. We hire experts who have years of experience in handling French voiceover projects.

We follow strict quality control protocols. This allows us to make sure that the French voiceover projects we handle are error-free.

As a premier French recording studio in India, we also have a strong presence in renowned metro cities of the nation. We have recording studios in –

  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore

We have native French male voice artists and native French female voice artists under our payroll. This allows us to offer French voiceovers that entail organic tone, pronunciation and vocal styles of native French speakers.

We are all about timely deliveries. We pair our deliveries with impeccable quality assurance protocols. We have a dedicated team of quality assurance experts. It consists of sound engineers and directors. They scrutinise the project and eradicate quality-related flaws before the project is handed over to our clients.

What are the different value-added services our clients can avail from us?

Our French voice over services is bundled with several high-grade value-added services. They are enunciated in the following sections –

  • Background scores will be added that are appropriate for the French voiceover project at hand.
  • Translation of French audio clips
  • Translation of French scripts
  • Formulation of French subtitles
  • Transcription of videos that originally came with soundtracks in French.

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