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Cosmic Sounds is a full services audio production facility offering voice over services in Indian and other languages. Our voice over services are available beyond Hindi and English.

 If you are looking for Sinhalese Voice Over services agency, you can trust Cosmic sounds. We offer a multitude of voice over services ranging from initial Translation and Adaptation to Casting Talent and Language Monitoring. This is how we produce perfect voice over recording for our clients.    

#1 Destination for Sinhalese Voice Over Services:

Cosmic Sounds is the topnotch destination for Native Sinhalese Voice Over Artists. They are highly professional and talented and committed to deliver the best service when it comes to quality Sinhalese Voice Over service for your project.

Our Sinhalese voice over artists take assignments very seriously and are ready to meet your Voice Over requirements irrespective of its language, dialect, gender, accent, pitch and emotion. While taking up your voice over projects our team takes into consideration a number of factors such as your business goals and audience you are looking at.  

Sinhalese Voice Over Services: What we Offer?

It’s quite tough and challenging to provide a  voice over services in Sinhala that accomplishes the clients’  business needs in accordance with their business needs. For best service in place you need a voice over agency that is able to convey your audience the authentic experience with your content.

All our voice over services are done using authentic customer materials, trained translators, proofreaders and authentic translated scripts. Recording and post-production of the project is conducted under a secure studio environment. Following is the services we offer at Cosmic Sounds:

  •         Sinhalese Voice Over Artists
  •         Sinhalese Female Voice Over Artists
  •         Sinhalese Male Voice Over Artists
  •         Sinhalese Kids Voice Over Artist
  •         Sinhalese Cartoon Dubbing Artists
  •         Sinhalese Cartoon Dubbing Services
  •         Sinhalese Voice Over Recording 
  •         Sinhalese Voice Over Recording Studio  

Sinhala Recoding Studio in India: How Cosmic Sound Helps?

We have over a decade of expensive experience in providing Sinhalese voice over services and Sinhalese voice over artists. 

To make sure that your audience gets an authentic overtone and goes well with your audience, we focus on localization at scale. Our voice over production comprises all local linguistic norms and traditions that are required to come up with a culturally relevant and engaging viewer experience.

With our Sinhalese voice over services we help you connect to your local market naturally.  USP of our services is an appropriate use of cultural intelligence and extensive localization that together bring native feel in voice over. Our services are not merely translation to produce standard voice over. Instead, it’s a calculated effort to culturally adapt your message for the Sri Lankan audience.

For Sinhala Voice Over Services, Contact us Now

Our process to produce engaging and intent based translation and voice over services for Sinhalese language is pretty straight forward. Our voice over artists aligns with client’s business goals to create a plan. Our voice over services are quite popular among all major industry segments including Entertainment, Education, Media, Technology, Film and Video game etc.

There are many reasons why we are way ahead of any ordinary Sinhalese voice over service provider. Our key focus is your audience. Our services are audience centric and aligned to co-create end viewer value.

We have an extensive talent pool of professional voice over artists that include Sinhalese male, female and kids. To produce best quality and engaging voice over services, we put on work top-performing Sinhalese voice over artists and actors. 

If you haven’t decided on the right agency, get in touch with us. Cosmic Sounds is the top destination for handpicked male, female and kid Sinhalese voice talents.  



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