Mobile app localization services

We at Cosmic Sounds understand the specific requirement from clients to localize their mobile application so that the reach and access is maximized significantly. Being a leading mobile app localization services provider in India , we have catered the clients not just from India but around the world for several years. Our linguists and developers not just understand the requirement but do thorough research on the culture, ethos and special practices in the targeted country or region.

What is mobile app localization?

Like website localization and software localization, a new trend has set in mobile application where an application is localized to suit the cultures and ethos of the targeted customer base. When clients hire us for mobile app localization services in Delhi, our experts help them localize their app to a specific language, culture, market, and desired local look-and-feel. This is also called internationalization since it is done to meet specificities of all regions and languages.

Why should you look for mobile app localization?

Though there are dozens of reasons to localize your application, a few fundamental reasons are listed below:

  • Most of the mobile applications are developed keeping the US and Western Europe in mind; however, there is huge market outside these two regions. A localized mobile app can expand to these reasons for new customer base in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

  • Mobile application localization not just brings new customers in new regions but also results in increased sales as it influences their decisions to buy your products or services.

  • As the recent studies and surveys show, more than 90% of mobile phone activities today are done using apps; a localized mobile app can definitely help you sell more products or services.

  • Not just higher reach and more customer base but localizing your app can give you a higher return on investment as well.

  • Higher visibility is what you are looking for; a localized mobile app can give you this without much added cost as the App Store is available in 150 countries. Thus, you can have wide reach and audiences to look up for your products or services with a localized mobile app.

Great Advantages with Cosmic Sounds Mobile App Localization Services

We have trained linguists and culture specialists who help us when we offer localization services in India to our clients. Apart from translating the text and localizing the contexts, we also place higher impetus to the local practices. Additionally, we create an effective strategy for app internationalization and localization and at the same time make sure our clients test the localized apps thoroughly with native users before launching. This method has been helping us spot the errors and optimize the localization of mobile application to new higher levels.

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