Konkani Voice Over Services

Cosmic Sounds is the full serviced audio productions facility, and it is not restricted to English, Hindi or any other language. If you are willing to have the Konkani voice over artist, here we are! We are the team of voice over artists ranging from initial translation and adaptation to casting talent and language monitors to help lay down the final recording sessions. We work with the native speakers to have high-quality products as per the expectation of our clients. Along with the linguistics, we also focus on the vocal parameters like dialect, language, gender, emotion and pitch.

Our voice over services

Our Konkani voice over services includes the following.

  • Videos
  • Telephone system
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Commercials and promos
  • Public service announcements
  • Promotional recordings
  • E-learning
  • E-training
  • Audiobooks
  • Video for websites

Our dubbing videos

  • Phrase sync: The speaker breathes and acts like the person on camera, and tries to match the lips and much possible, but cuts the corner.
  • Lip sync: The speaker on the camera appears as if he or she speaks that same language
  • Narration: Recording at the speaker’s place without any consideration of the given timing.
  • Voice over: It is already produced video recorded in any other language that takes the original timing into the considerations and time synching the new production to the original timing. If the speaker lives on the camera, they will be able to record the lip sync or voice over. In the case of an on-camera segment, it will be recommended to leave a portion of the original language. Else, there can be some delay in the new recording to that of the original on-camera by a few seconds, so it is possible to hear the original on-camera audio. However, there can be some fade away during the new recording.

Enjoy Top Voice-Over Service From Cosmic Sounds!

So, if you wish to have the best and top-class voice over assistants in Konkani language, visit Cosmic Sounds to have further discussions!


Konkani Voice Samples

Konkani Male Voice Over Sample

Konkani  Female Voice Over Sample


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