DTP Services in India

Hardly a day goes when people do not come across some DTP produced advertisement in the form of pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, documents, etc. We at Cosmic Sounds know it well that DTP is now even used by major newspapers as they prefer modern modes of publications over the old ones. Thus, there is an emerging demand for DTP services in India and around the world.

What is DTP or Desktop Publishing?

The classical definition would be that it is a process of turning your original copy into a beautiful; print-ready documents and make it presentable for business or branding purposes. Needless to say, Cosmic Sounds being a reputed name in the industry has talented designers who translate client’s text and images/charts and with the help of creative graphics create contemporary branding materials.

Thus, the DTP services providers bring the cutting edge designs of brochures, leaflets, adverts, product manuals, etc. for branding and marketing materials. The best part about Cosmic Sounds is that we also have translators who love to translate the text of the DTP advertisement in several languages. Thus, you have plenty of opportunities for enhancing your presence with a professional DTP team.

Why chose us for Quality DTP services

Desktop publishing services from Cosmic Sounds are being delivered with the help of trained and experienced DTP professionals. Nonetheless, for each project, we engage and employ a variety of tools so that clients can receive enhanced quality DTP products.

Most of our work is done on formats like:
Quark Xpress
Microsoft Office e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Word
Adobe e.g. Frame-Maker, Photoshop

Competitive Advantages with Cosmic Sounds DTP Services

Using the same company for content translation and DTP job: Continuity is quite important for a great DTP creative whether it is an advertisement design or any other document. Since we are a recognized translation organization and also offer DTP services, clients get the benefit of continuity with us. Our project manager would help you manage not just publishing but translation as well.

Best DTP services in India amid the emerging demand

In-house DTP Experts for a great advertisement: Since we have a team of DTP experts who come with tons of experience in delivering the best projects for their clients, we can definitely assure you of the most professional services. Moreover, innovative ideas and impact content are the fundamental requirements for a great advertisement. We at Cosmic Sounds are committed to deliver the finest DTP services in India as we keep doing for years.

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