AV Film Production

The main thrust of the movie is dependent on the audio, the better the experience better would be the chances of the film getting more patronage.

AV for the film is am electronic media used for possessing both audio and a visual component to enable the end users get the complete experience.

What we are experienced is Post-production is after the whole movie footage is edited & visual effects are added, The composed music is added along with the dialogues and special effects of audio such as Dolby 5.1 and more. Post this subtitles and captioning is completed and the movie is ready to be released on different platforms. Our individual studios are capable of doing dubbing and remote dubbing for movies. The music composition team also does manage the instrument based music recording for the musical numbers in multiple languages. The language team does the subtitling and captioning. In case of multiple language release we have a dubbing studio which will have multi language dubbing services enabled with the same dialogs and sound effects including musical numbers.

To sum up Cosmic sounds AV for film production services are best in class. Come in with the post production and get ready for distribution and release.


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