Teleconference Interpreting Services

With Cosmic Sounds around, language is no barrier in business, as we are here to help business organizations and other entities with conference interpreting services. International businesses do a lot of multilingual conference calls, especially after COVID 19 pandemic, the trend has emerged significantly. Our teleconference interpretation services come handy to all such business entities for their communication.

We not just ensure that clients complete their business communication but make sure that there is no breach of trust with respect to the content of the conversation. We respect the privacy rights of the clients when they are negotiating and we are conveying their message in the target language.

Business Conference Calls and Role

Teleconferences are catching up in business sector where people working in the same organization and at times people working for different organizations do virtual meeting. Our teleconferencing interpretation is of extremely great importance if the participants are speaking different languages. We fill the communication gap and make the business as usual for the companies.

Nonetheless, interpretation of conference calls is not an easy job as there is hardly enough time for the interpreter to listen and then frame the sentences to communication in the target language. However, since we have been in the industry for significant amount of time, we have developed capabilities in delivering the professional interpretation services for all sectors.

In fact, clients find a great team of interpreters with us who help them make easier the development of their businesses. Some of the following are the major areas we offer our interpretation services for clients doing teleconferencing:

  • Interviews whether for media or for job done on teleconferences
  • Medical and Legal Appointments and meetings done on teleconference
  • Workshops through teleconferencing on training, spreading ideas, marketing and branding, etc.
  • One-on-One teleconference Meetings for business, government or organization delegations, etc.
  • Teleconference Business Meetings for agreements, merger and acquisition
  • Press Conferences by government officials, company or corporate media managers through teleconferencing

Edge with Cosmic Sounds

We being a Delhi based interpretation and translation company have an edge over others since Delhi is the capital of India and has several universities that churn out language graduates in huge numbers. Thus, we have huge pool of translators and interpreters to help the businesses in their teleconferencing interpretation. Teleconferencing interpreting services are similar to consecutive interpreting which is quite difficult. However, with Cosmic Sounds communication between parties who do not speak or understand one another, is made easy. Our interpreters not just do live interpretation while the conference is going on but also keep the gist of the whole meeting that is then submitted to the clients.

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