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Business in any continent or country calls for its own linguistic complexities. Business who have to remain competitive have to ensure their sourcing from Asia.

We provide the services of Asian Language Translations for any specialist subject and all are accomplished by native Asian translators with an ample amount of experience in the said languages.  Native speakers of the target Asian language and also specialists in the subject matter for requirements across businesses. The team’s expertise in completing the assignment with a market-specific terminology is our expertise. All our translations are carried out by professional Native Asian translators.

We at cosmic sounds, are the first choice for all your voice over requirements. We strive to provide the best-service in all the sectors. Our talented team members understand your needs and connect with our reliable home studios and partner studios directly in the specific geography. The team pool knowledge in a diversity of business, agreements, reports, contracts and other legal documentation in multiple business across businesses for written and verbal communication of all types.

We recognize the complex needs and work with native talent pool. Our trained professional voice abilities provide the perfect expertise of various Asian languages.

Our Practice

We have a process to provide clients with a sample audio & videos of the voice artist both female and male. We are fine that the customers are pleasantly accepting our service by previewing the voice samples.

  • Voice over recording directly in specified location across the Geography
  • Ensure to record voices in professional recording in own & partner studios across the Asian Continent

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So do you need any video translator or audio translator? Tell us about your project. Need any trancriber or subtitler for your videos and audios or need any language to be dubbed in your localized language. We are here for you.

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