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At Cosmic Sounds, since we have more than 12 years of experience in video translation services in India , we are competent to translate videos in dozens of language with ease. Needless to say our Video translation service , like the other translation services have a set format or process to ensure quality and professional touch in the translation services

Experienced and well educated translators associated with us contribute to the massive success of the videos with their professional translation services. Cost-competitive video translation services from us help our clients spread their videos across the nation and communicate well with the target audience.

The process of Video Translation

Our team of experts envisages the process and streamlines it for perfection. The first stage of video localization services is transcribe the video in its original language where our translator adds precise time stamps to the transcription and at the same time translates the audio of the video in the desire language. All this while accuracy is kept in the mind for we assure for 100% correct translation.

Once the translation of video’s audio is done, depending upon the specific requirement from the clients, our translator embeds the subtitles in the video file. Needless to say as there are two most common formats e.g. video with subtitles embedded, separate subtitles file containing time stamp and translation; we deliver both on client’s demand.

Edge with Cosmic Sounds

At Cosmic Sounds Dubbing Company in India, we understand that our clients put a lot of work making a video and if translation is not done professionally the entire efforts go waste. Therefore, we make sure the tone and style of your audio video are just right and close to perfect. We as a video translation agency cater to the following video & audio translation services:

  • Training Video Subtitling
  • YouTube Video Translation
  • Films & Movies Subtitles
  • Marketing Video Subtitles
  • Explainer Video Files Subtitling
  • Video Transcription

The above list is not exclusive as we keep on updating the list of the services that we deliver to our clients.

Not just that we make sure that whichever languages our clients choose, their video once translated makes sense and become viral. Moreover, as our expert translators have experience and sensibilities, they deliver the localized video translation services so that viewers can associate with the content.


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