Technical Translation Services

At Cosmic Sounds, we understand how crucial and challenging it is to translate science and technology topics or subjects such as Medicine, Environment, Engineering, or Biology from one language to another. Our understanding helps us deliver the most professional technical translation services to our clients. The most essential part about technical translation services is that it is not just about mastering two languages but also about knowing the subject matter that is being translated.

Nonetheless, we at Cosmic Sounds have teams of science and technology graduates who also master several languages to deliver you the high-end and competitive technical document translation services in Delhi to clients.

Why technical translation is a niche job?

Technical translation is not like other similar translation jobs where a language expert with moderately good subject matter knowledge can translate the technical subject matter. In fact, in technical translation services, the translators should not just be good in two languages but also have deep knowledge and updates on science and tech. Best part about our technical translation services in Delhi is that our translators not just know the technical terminology, but also understand the subject to a great extent.

At Cosmic Sounds, we translate the following documents or subjects for our clients. The list is not exclusive as we keep on adding new subjects and niche for technical translation services in India.

  • Accurate and professional translation of Manuals
  • Comprehensive translation of Training materials
  • Translation of Government standards and regulations
  • Translation of Feasibility studies carried out by private companies and government bodies.
  • Professional translation of Patent documentation.
  • Translation of Data Spreadsheets to be used by professionals and organizations.
  • Translation of Medical and pharmaceutical descriptions
  • Translation of Process related documents for scientific use.

Cosmic Sounds’ cutting edge technical document translation services

We have been delivering the finest quality technical translation to our clients with the help of our professional team of translators and writers. Over the years we have built the global network of professional translators who possess a wide range of knowledge and experience that our clients look specifically in technical translation services. Moreover, as our translators and subject matter experts utilize a wide range of programs and technologies like CAT i.e. computer-assisted translation tools, website and app localization platforms, subtitling tools, design and DTP software, etc. Along with these tools, we perform manual translation of the documents to deliver the most reliable and relevant technical translation services.

Customer-Centric Technical Translation Services for higher output

We at Cosmic Sounds offer24/7 human support and personal project manager where we are always open to help our clients via email, phone and chat. Apart from the timely delivery of the translation projects, we also offer post-completion project support and bring extensive quality assurance While promising the fastest delivery in technical translation services in India, we are always available for urgent translations as well.

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