Medical Translation Services in India

At Cosmic Sounds, we have been delivering the most professional and competitive medical translation services in India to our clients from within the country and abroad. Covering dozens of languages, we have dedicated a number of years translating medical documents and others. With a huge network of translators and subject matter experts, we are offering extremely sophisticated and professional medical translation services in Delhi and other cities.

We cater to the following requirements from clients for medical document translation services:

  • Hospital discharge summary for post-treatment use
  • Instructions manual for health practitioners
  • Insurance claim for reimbursement of medical bills
  • Medical chart for medical care workers
  • Clinical study report and studies on clinical trials
  • Medical device documents and instructions for further use
  • Prescription for medical practitioners and patients
  • Scientific paper for medical institutes and students
  • Medical equipment document and use methods
  • Handwritten medical information for medical and health purposes
  • Medical journal for research students and medical experts
  • Medical report for further medical treatments
  • Patient consent form for inventors and medical innovation firms
  • Patient information for lawyers and researchers
  • Pharmaceutical research for pharma companies and pharmacists
  • Product specifications for medical use and other purposes

What makes us different?

When it comes to offering a comprehensive range of medical translation services in Delhi, Cosmic Sounds has carved a niche among its peers for several reasons. The foremost reason that clients prefer the company for medical translation is that it has a dedicated of professional translators who are native speakers of the target languages.

Additionally, as they are native language speakers and experts in the medical domain, they tend to offer professional services with a greater understanding of local requirements. Moreover, since they are also good at local dialects and slang, they do medical translation with a wide spectrum of approaches and help in professional localization. Thus, delivering accurate translations that are focused on the needs of client’s audiences, Cosmic Sounds is a name to reckon with medical document translation services and medical translation services in India.

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