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Thai Voice Over Services

Are you searching for a superior talent artist for Thai voice over services? Then approach us! We Cosmic Sounds voice your thoughts and ensure the best and accurate service every time. We aim to deliver the best quality voice over services for the Thai language. 

We hardly understand the client’s needs and strive our best to provide crystal clear audio. As to satisfy the clients, we only hire trusted and experienced talented voice actors. Our talented Thai Voice Over artists make sure to provide all kinds of Thai voice over needs in a quick turnaround time.

Thai voice over services for your project

We, cosmic sounds, are the perfect destination for all your voice needs. We ensure to provide the high-service for all the sectors. Our talented professionals determine your needs and cooperate with reliable partner studios directly in Thailand.

The Thai language is the official language in Thailand. It’s the mother tongue for more than 20 million people, and 40 million people speak it as a second language. 

Words consist of one syllable, but pronunciation in different gradients and pitches acquire a completely different meaning. We understand the complex needs and work with native speakers. Our trained professional voice talents provide the perfect command of the Thai language.

When the clients approach, we provide sample videos of the voice talents of female and male. We are happy to say that the customers are satisfyingly availing of our service by previewing the voice examples.

About our professional voice-over recordings in Thai

  • Our talented professionals are experienced with e-learning and marketing
  • Guaranteed native speakers, professional voice talents
  • High-quality audio and studio quality
  • Voice over recording directly in Thailand
  • Ensure to record voices in professional recording studios

Why are we the best?

  • Professionalism:

We at cosmic systems provide quality work. Sound production is a king of religion, and we aspire for perfection. Our professional team across the world are specialized in a myriad of areas such as entertainment, corporate, commercials, e-learning & training, gaming and many more.

  • Latest and best technology:

We are the best quality voice over service providers. We are updated with the latest technological tools and use the best technology for your voice needs. Our team of professionals use the right recording equipment and noise cancellation microphones, headphones, etc.). Using the best technological tools, we ensure to provide the accurate and best output of Thai Voice Over Services.

  • Confidentiality:

Being a certified company, we understand our client’s data’s confidentiality and sensitivity and invest in the latest technological tools to ensure confidentiality, security, and safety of the data.

  • Satisfaction guarantee:

We promise you to deliver the voice-over output before the deadline. We do plenty of quality checks and make sure that 100% satisfaction guarantees.

Our Thai voice-over services include:

  • Thai translations handled by our own translation department
  • Our transcriptions include scripts for translation
  • Thai time-coded script creation
  • Thai voice artists recording and selection
  • Audio file editing
  • Syncing the audio to the video
  • On-screen text localization
  • Dedicated studio engineers and project managers

What do we deal in/support?

  • Voice Over for Radio/TV Commercials
  • Narration Voice Over
  • Telephonic Voice Over
  • Corporate/Industrial Voice Over
  • Educational Voice Over
  • Entertainment Voice Over
  • Animation Voice Over etc.

Why choose us?

Our motive is to provide a quality service that connects people with the right voice to bring the words to life. We not only offer Thai voice over services, but you can also get all your voice-over translations for more languages under one roof. Our team of professionals outsource any work, including motion graphics and animations, articulate storyline projects, printed materials, subtitles and any on-screen text. Our professional audio editing is standard for all our voice over projects. We do plenty of quality checks to deliver the quality without any error, correct pronunciation and normalize the levels to provide all the audio in the same volume.

Our secret behind our success!

We are the best Thai voice over service Production Company. Our technical experts and experienced team will give you the complete package for high-quality results at competitive rates. 

If you want to get secure and professional Thai voice over services, then just upload your files. We are an excellent Thai voice over service provider with patrons all over the world. Call us to discuss your requirements. We are looking forward to our valuable clients fulfilling their voice needs. Visit our site to leverage our expert services!

Thai Voice Over Services Samples

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