Software Localization Services

We at Cosmic Sounds deliver the most professional software localization services in India to clients from India and abroad to help them expand their reach to new language belts and regions. Our professional web developers, content specialists and translators work in tango to ensure that client’s software supports foreign characters sets and externalizes all displayable text in string variables.

Similarly, with software localization services we ensure that there is an agreement with respect to file formats that will be used for strings and there is a single-source publishing approach. Additionally, our experts work on avoiding code whose execution depends on a specific locale.

What is Software localization and why is it important for businesses?

Like website localization, software localization has also become an important part of the information technology world where efforts are made to adapt the software to a specific culture and language speakers. For instance, some cultures have writing directions right-to-left for Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Date and Time formats like 23/01/2020 and 01.23.2020. Similarly, some have currency formats conventions like 10 Euro or €10. In software localization services, we care about all these features and cater to the specific requirements of clients.

Software localization Services in Delhi for the Global Market

The demand for software localization has gone up over the last couple of years as businesses have started to take their software to new linguistic belts and regions. Moreover, as software are international products, do not know international boundaries and have a wide number of users from around the world, they should cater to the local languages and cultures as well. Meeting the specific requirement from international users, our experts do software localization for our clients.

Therefore, if you are running Software Development Company and want to internationalize your software, Cosmic Sounds is the right choice for software localization services in India.

Localization of Images used in software

Software localization is incomplete without localizing the images for a specific regions and people. People in different regions wear different sorts of dresses, look different. We at Cosmic Sounds understand regional sensibilities and localize the images or pictures to suit the specific region and people. Additionally, we ensure that the image makes sense to the locals and at the same time no image is used that may offend and annoy the locals.

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