Dari Voice Over Services

For your film, television, DVD, or web projects, our Dari voice-over artists and talents will provide you with high-quality recordings. We can sync the recorded Dari voice back into your video, ready for publication or offer the modified audio files. Our in-house translation staffs do the Dari voice-over translations, while our production department handles the editing and synchronizing. Cosmic sounds are a Dari voice-over firm that seeks to provide our clients with a complete localization solution. We can localize animations and motion graphics in-house and printed materials, articulate storyline projects, subtitles, and any on-screen content.

Quality recording

When it comes to studio recording, editing, and delivering the requested output formats, we continue to hold ourselves to the highest international standards. In addition, our quality control team double-checks everything before sending it to the client, so you can be confident that you will get the best Dari voice-overs possible.

Dari voice over talents

Dari is a widely spoken language in Central Asia and the Middle East. Hence, Dari has a variety of nuances that change depending on dialect and target audience. Both the writers and the voice actors must account for this variation. As a result, if you provide us with pre-translated content, we will rewrite it to ensure that every aspect is exactly tailored to your target audience. We will then look at each member of our talented Dari voice actors and choose who is most suited to deliver those words with the greatest effect.

You would not have to worry about striking the right note with your audience if you use our Dari voice over services. We will sift over the content and examine every word to improve the final Dari voice-over text quality.

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