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When it comes to business communication in India, Hindi as a language is one of the widely used languages in the subcontinent. More than half of the country speaks and prefers communication in Hindi. With the language having so much significance, our organization has a keen intention to provide solutions for Hindi Voice over services in Hindi.

When it comes to business communication in India, Hindi as a language is one of the widely used We at Cosmic Sounds offer high quality and best in Industry services for Hindi voice over recording services in India. The expertise of the same comes with over a decade of experience along with the Hindi recording studio services.

Our pool of Hindi voice over artist consists of: –Professional Hindi Voice Over Services

• Hindi Male voice over artists
• Hindi Female voice over artist
• Hindi Kids voice over artists.

Our edge in the service delivery is majority Hindi Native voice over artist which takes us many levels up from generic facilities provided in the market. With Hindi Native artist the turn around service time for recording and rework comes down drastically and in turn becomes a customer delight.

There has always been requirement of voice over services in Hindi for various needs across the market. The go digital movement and abundant start ups and established companies.

We provide following requirements

Pre-Recorded Announcements

  • Railways
  • Metro
  • Public road transport systems
  • Airports

Pre call notification

  • Mobile networks
  • Landline and company board lines

Audio & Visual commercials

  • Radio Jingles
  • Hindi New Services
  • Full length film’s
  • Ad film dubbing
  • Advertisements
  • Election manifestos

Promotional and short videos

  • Web
  • OTT


  • ATM
  • Branch Banking
  • Audio dial out information in Hindi

Music and many more avenues of communication.

Our end-to-end service provisioning includes state of art Hindi recording studio services. This assists us to prepare output files in different formats and bitrates according to the end user usage. Our Hindi recording services expertise allows us to provide 360-degree Hindi recording services for one and multiple requirements.

Hindi Text to Speech

Text to speech is the requirement of the hour in the market. When we discuss the ease of making a voice over with a predefined script to voice the fastest mode is using Hindi Text to Speech services in India.

Content such as voiceover script, audiobooks, podcast, virtual presentations, announcement and many more requirements can be attended to immediately using the Text to Speech services in India. Usage of advanced voiceover solution creates near to professional-quality audio in Hindi and other languages.

Hindi Text to Speech can be mainly related to converting documents from universities and government officials and other related locations where there is a bank of content and related content is generated on a regular basis.


  • Hindi e learning voice over
  • Self-explainer or do it by yourself (DIY) videos
  • IVR in Hindi Language
  • Hindi recorded Auto dialer
  • Broadcast messaging in Hindi
  • Audiobooks in app & appliance
  • Generic Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Cartoon voice over in Hindi language

Our Recording studios have the following services

• Multiple studios across the countries
• Remote Hindi voice over recording services
• Experienced Sound Engineers
• Film sound designer
• Sound editors
• Audio mixers
• State of art studio facilities
• Best in industry
o Equipment’s
o Software’s
o Processes

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