Acoustic Consultants

For a good sound recording studio its highly recommended to have a proper acoustic consultation process before finalising the studio. The consultation can help to design, assess, manage and control sound and vibrations in the specific environment. They main area is to provide consultancy for the design or assessment of acoustics in sound recording studios.

There are several thumb rules in the internal factor and external factor when it comes to commissioning a studio. For example, the studio should not be located in an industrial area where there is lot of sounds from the other member workplaces. The studio should not be located in the ground floor or middle floors ideally because it will have to take the toll of the sound created in the upper floors.

Acoustic Consultants in India

The consultation would benefit the studio owner to plan the sound proofing, choosing the layout equipment’s and construction of recording rooms, editing rooms and mixing rooms.

Some rooms might not require sound proofing such as mixing and editing rooms, but the main recording rooms require proper sound proofing, air conditioning and wiring of the same. If the planning is not future proof the studio might need alterations every time which will eat away the available production time and the future business plans.

Acoustic consultation also helps in preparing the equipment’s and stands to suit proper wiring and movement and addition of any additional equipment and serving of related and non-related things in the studio.

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