Santhali Voice Over Services

We at Cosmic Sounds bring exclusive voice over services for corporate with the help of Santhali speakers for authenticity. Being a well recognized translation agency, we have been offering comprehensive range of VO services to clients that now include Santali Voice Over Services. Thus, we are helping out our business clients promote their content in various language speakers. Santhali is definitely the language that should be explored well for higher reach.

With the addition is Santhali voice over services for corporate and educational audio-visual content, Cosmic Sounds has made it possible to reach to new set of people. Additionally, since the demand for corporate content in various languages has gone up, then it would help not just the people but the corporate groups who wish to explore new region of Santhali speakers.

Multinational corporations expanding to Santhali speaking regions

Santhali is spoken quite a large number of people in Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Assam. Additionally, there are people in Bangladesh and Nepal who speak this language. Thus, there is huge region that speaks this pretty ancient language and that territory has been ignored by a large mile. Now is the time to reach to these people with a localized content in the form of Santhali Voice Over Services. Linguists claim Santhali or Santali, is the most widely spoken language of the Munda subfamily of the Austro-Asiatic languages.

Anthropologists and linguists agree on the fact that Santali is related to Ho and Mundari that are spoken quite widely in the eastern India. Then there are more than six million speakers of Santhali language which makes them quite influential and that is also a reason that this language has been included in the scheduled languages of Indian constitution. It is written in Ol Chiki script and considered India’s first tribal language to get own Wikipedia edition.

No Region is Alien for Us

Whether it is Hindi or it is Santhali, for us all languages are important and for that we have profoundly trained VO services artists. Thus, when it comes to corporate and educational voice-overs in Santhali, the higher quality output depends largely on the professionals and for that we can assure our clients that we have plenty of them. Additionally, since we have several years of experience it is natural that we have the required infrastructure for the job.

Not that we have trained Santhali VO artists but ample resources to deliver the finest results for clients in terms of technology. We have been delivering VO services for clients operating in corporate and academic sectors with aplomb. Whether it is training materials, human resources videos or university course videos, we have done voice over for all.

Edge with Cosmic Sounds

Our voice actors keep a professional tone and take fewer risks while delivering VO services in Santhali for clients. We keep professional whether it is corporate video or academic modules. Since the VO services are competitively priced, small and medium sized companies can afford them as well. With global footprints serving clients in various languages, we have competitive edge over others in terms of the resources and infrastructure.

We are delivering competitively priced Santhali VO services for the following:

  • Corporate and Educational VOs
  • VO for colleges and universities
  • Advertisement, branding
  • Rapport building communication
  • Kids programs, animated films
  • Sports and documentaries
  • audio books for authors and book publishers
  • Video games developers and Phone Systems

Reach us for exclusive and competitive Santhali VO services for all purposes from entertainment to educational. We would set the tempo and make them a success for your organization.

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