Consecutive Interpretation Services

As the businesses are becoming global and the companies and professionals are expected to engage with businesses and peoples across the world, interpretation services have become an important part. To better align with this scenario, we at Cosmic Sounds have developed an authentic process to deliver the most professional consecutive interpretation services in India for the clients operating in India and abroad.

How has consecutive interpretation become important for businesses?

Being a leading name in translation services, we have an edge on delivering professional translation services as there are various areas where the two have common operational functionalities. Needless to say, we at Cosmic Sounds do consecutive interpreting with a complete professional approach, with our team of the trained professionals.

Nonetheless, our professionals do gradual interpreting for clients as the spoken text is interpreted in parts or sentences into the target language. We commit for cent percent professional approach.

The interpreting process for delivering consecutive interpretation services in Delhi
There is a specific process and method that we have developed and we follow the same when we deliver interpretation services for our clients. For instance, our interpreter stands or sits next to the speaker and works in sync with him. As soon as the speaker has finished the talk or speech, our interpreter’s role comes in. The summed up interpreted ideas goes well across the listeners.

various groups and businesses

When it comes to the requirement from clients, there are a few of them who need consecutive interpretation services more than others. For instance, major demand comes from the following:

  • Interviews whether for media or job
  • Medical and Legal Appointments whether the doctor or the patients
  • Workshops on training, spreading ideas, marketing and branding, etc.
  • Court Hearings, especially the cases involving litigants or respondents from different linguistic areas.
  • One-on-One Meetings whether business, government or organization delegations, etc.
  • Business Meetings for agreements, merger and acquisition
  • Press Conferences by government officials, company or corporate media managers

Benefits with Cosmic Sounds

Since Cosmic Sounds a leading name in the industry of dubbing, translation, interpretation, etc. we have the entire required infrastructure and trained interpreters who can help our clients do business communication well. Nonetheless, depending on the nature of the interpreting session, the company assigns the clients a consecutive interpreter who is more often a native speaker of the target language.

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