Music Jingle Services for Radio, TV and Video In India

Enrich your podcasts, radio shows or other commercials with highly catchy music jingle services and intros. Here at Cosmic Sounds, you will get not only high standard music jingle service but also the price is very competitive that you can’t find elsewhere in entire India.

Music Jingle Creation Services in India

Even though the terms jingle and intro are used interchangeably but there is a fundamental difference between the two. Let’s see what intros are. Intros are normally marking the start of a song, whilst outros are the finish. It aims to spark the audience’s curiosity and at the same time introduce the song’s melody.

Jingle music aka music jingle services are frequently used in branding and/or advertising, and it could be associated with the audio logo of a company that is its acoustical voice. Actually, it connects the listener to a product or service even if it is just a short one or two-tone sequence.

Why Choose Cosmic Sounds For Music Jingle Services?

Unmatched music jingle service in India for radio, television and video at best rate that you can’t find anywhere else in the country. At Cosmic Sounds, our jungle service for television, video and radio are provided on a large scale all around the country to big-ecommerce companies, as well as corporate ventures that search for custom corporate music jingle service.

We also provide jingle service to our overseas clients. Therefore, keeping in mind the quality of service we provide, because we are not only known for providing bespoke services but also quick turnaround time with excellent after sale service.

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