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Make Your Product More Engaging With Text To Speech  in Indian voice

Technology that is simply, easy to understand and meaningful, such as text to speech recording has the capability to change lives. It can make the text easy and accessible for individuals, businesses, institutions or organizations.

Actually, people do not like to share a single way to learn and understand things. A great number of people fond of understanding better by visual aid. It is a science proven fact. Whilst others think repetition is the fundamental to learning.

The benefits of opting for text to speech recording services are many. You can accentuate your voice with bespoke text to speech recording. Also, you make yourself heard with text to speech. At the same time, you can increase your engagement with customers and optimize sales – all with a single click.

If you are finding an effective text to speech solution for your business, then you have certainly landed at the right place. Here, you will get to know 4 reasons why you need text to speech recording services for your business. The following reasons are:

 Improves accessibility
 Removes language barrier
 Helps reach a global audience
 Improves user experience

Text-to-speech solution will give you an unforgettable experience for your customers. In customer service, you will find, it will become an integral part of your business.

TEXT TO SPEECH RECORDING instantly answers to all the customers’ questions or queries related to your business need, including the difficulties in pronunciation and tone of answering voices. It is seen that human voice and narration are two most important things that are quite the recipe to make your online customers more and more interested. This will also help them emotionally connected with your business.

Improves accessibility

Of late a data showed that how 22 percent of all readers prefer audio-books. A huge percent of readers also like podcasts over traditional text. It is one of the most trusted ways people can depend on, especially when they don’t have enough time to read text.
It goes without saying, text to speech technology improves accessibility for adults, visually impaired people, kids and seniors. This makes content a lot more understandable as well as approachable.

Now, you can understand the features as well as benefits of the best-in-class TEXT TO SPEECH RECORDING solution, which also recognizes as the best services in the industry.

Removes language barrier

Text to speech recording services allows people to learn the fluency of the language, understand pronunciation, and at the same time overcome the barriers of language, including dialects.

This is one of the reason some great text to speech tools, software or technology offer detection of over hundred languages, so people from all across the globe can use this tool and benefit from it.

Helps reach a global audience

Today’s world is a globalized world, a business can move from one place to other place, and maximize profit, highlighting the need to cater a wide variety of people. Text to speech synthesis actually gives access to a very large audience. It is one of the best tools that gives access to more than those who fluently read and write text.

Improve User Experience with Human-Like Voice Quality

Text to speech recording services also called speech synthesis. It is the simulated voice that excites pronunciation of human languages. For the purpose of telephone application, especially for the regular telephone systems that don’t have text-to-speech competencies. In actuality, the speech synthesis converts the text to speech. Then it plays over the phone.

Therefore, configuring the TEXT TO SPEECH SOLUTION, you can get the real Indian accent in a near to human voice experience to the customers. Thus, the speech synthesis systems are intelligibility as well as naturalness that refers to how much the output sounds heard like a normal person.

What Makes Cosmic Sounds Apart?

Cosmic Sounds is a unique and one of the most trusted companies in India that aims to provide best-in-class text to speech recording services that you can’t find elsewhere in this country. Within a time frame of 1-year from our first product launch we attain to cover 10 Indian languages.

We also achieved top 5 business conglomerate and have 40+ great partners and more than 50k happy customers. With us, you will have access to the voice-enable sites that will help you go for a detail voice demo test in different languages, so that you can understand how productive and efficient we are.

This demo test will enable you to enter the required TEXT and monitor TEXT TO SPEECH both online and offline. With us, you can explore the most natural text to speech voice recording services on the market.

World’s most advanced text-to-speech technology that you can’t find anywhere else in India. We have developed the most advanced text-to-speech technology and our voices not only sound real but also have character. Therefore, making them suitable for all types of application that needs speech output.

Cosmic Sounds is an Indian company, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra the home of advanced text to speech recording services. Our team have extensive experience across the entire speech technology domain.

We Cosmic Sounds, quite literally, speaks for the best solution you are looking for. It’s time to start using text to speech recording service today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Bangladeshi
  • Sylheti
  • Sinhalese
  • Dzonkha/Bhutani
  • Thai
  • Burmese
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Tagalog
  • Bahasa
  • Malay
  • Vietnamese
  • Mongolian
  • Lao
  • Hmong
  • Khmer
  • Russian
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  • Pashto
  • Farsi
  • Arabic
  • Tibetan


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