Mixing & Mastering Services

Mixing and mastering music are two separate but equally important parts in the audio production process. It’s also an important aspect cause any visual without video will not give complete communication. Even if it’s a silent movie there has to be a background mixing to be done for catching the attention of the audiences.

We at Cosmic studio provide Mixing and Mastering services which  involves high end tools and experts such as the music director, movie director and the sound engineer to ensure the volume is regular and the music matches the specific part of the video.

May it be a small commercial or a short movie to a full length commercial movie, the components and the expert’s services are available to complete the mixing and mastering work for videos. At times it is also required for audio movies ad jingles and announcements.

With an able team and a host of state of the art and latest equipment’s we provide the best in service mixing and mastering services.


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So do you need any video translator or audio translator? Tell us about your project. Need any trancriber or subtitler for your videos and audios or need any language to be dubbed in your localized language. We are here for you.

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