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Documentaries are facts that have been weaved into engaging content. The complex ideas and sharing of perspectives separate documentaries from other content. We enable the structured presentation of observations that need to be expressed similar to what the maker has in mind. The voice-over artist carries the burden of representing points of view and conveying them to the audience.

Conveying complex ideas is the focal point for documentaries and choosing a perfect voice-over is crucial to captivate viewers’ attention. Over the years, Cosmic Sounds have vetted talented voice-over artists who have brought a whole new dimension to the documentary with their narration. They have allowed their voices to let the audience go through time travel or live out the exact circumstance by taking their imaginations further with words that captivate through voice and sound effects.

Our professional voice-over services for documentaries

We provide six different kinds of documentary voice-overs

• Poetic documentary requires our technical team to skillfully work on high-fidelity visuals accompanied by tasteful music that interprets the documentary’s theme. Usually, voice-overs aren’t necessary for this kind of documentary.

• In expository documentaries, we use a mature and authoritative voice-over that will suit the piece. Here facts and truths have to be communicated, which must impact the audience and probably initiate a thought process.

• An observational documentary will require our expertise in preventing any disturbance to the documented film but present with an empathetic voice-over that needs to relate to the subject. Our expert voice-over artists have mastered the style of emphasizing the person or creature.

• A participatory documentary uses independent voice-overs. Not always will the filmmaker choose to do it. The job of the voice-over artist is immense as they need to build up the construct and impression which form the basis of the documentary. Experienced artists are preferred for setting the right tone, which allows the documentary to unfold as the filmmaker has conceptualized.

• Reflexive documentaries aren’t actually establishing the truth. The subjects and issues are taken up and presented through the lens of realism in an effort to deliver a message to the audience. Mature and authoritative-sounding voice-over artists are specifically chosen for such tasks.

• A performative documentary is a collaborative process wherein an interaction with the subject and then a voice-over of opinions and other facts are presented. The cycle of the same continues throughout the documentary. The voice-over artist has to weave in the interaction and other information together to keep the audience engaged.

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