Hmong Voice Over Services

Hmong, also known as Miao, is a Chinese, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Thai language. Cosmic sounds Hmong voice-over services will supply the perfect Hmong voice artist and talents for your audio project. We sync the recorded Hmong voice back into your video, making it ready to publish, or we can send you the altered files in any format you need.

Acquire the best Hmong voice over service from cosmic sounds

Cosmic sounds are a complete audio and voice-over production company. We provide high-quality voice-over and recording services in Hmong at a reasonable price, including script translation, transcription, translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio synchronization.

Cosmic sounds offer Hmong voice over services for e-learning, TV and radio commercials, audio narration, podcasts, video games, corporate presentations, IVR, and other projects. Furthermore, our big pool of native Hmong voice talent gives you a choice of options to choose from based on gender, age, voice, tone, and style. We provide your work in a variety of languages and file formats with short turnaround times.

Experienced professionals 

We are a group of Hmong voice actors who specialize in recording high-quality voice-overs. To effectively manage and accomplish your demand, our experienced and highly skilled team of post-production managers works in tandem with you and completely understands your project.

Privacy and security

Cosmic sounds take great care to ensure that the information provided by our clients is kept private and secure. We adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and spend substantially on cutting-edge technology to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.

Types of Hmong voice over and record services

  • Simple Hmong voice-over
  • Hmong voice-over synchronized to the screen
  • Hmong voice-over that is time-synchronized
  • Hmong lip-sync voice-over

Get your Hmong voice-over now.

We believe that we do best to provide you with professional Hmong voice-over services for your audiovisual content. It is the greatest method to pursue and share our mission. In addition, we support you in sharing new experiences with Hmong viewers by assisting you in connecting with your local audience.

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