How Is Subtitling Different From Captioning

Subtitling is actual translation of the dialogue or narrations in a language other than in which they are being used in the video. The reason of usage of subtitling is for people who want to enjoy videos or movies of different languages in their own language or common language. In India majority of the English movies have English subtitles because Indians use British English and the movies are generally in American Ascent English and they tend to speak a bit fast. There are also cases of subtitles available in other languages in OTT apps now a days. To give more idea a Tamil movie to be understood in Hindi will take time if it has superstar Rajanikath in it, but they will use Hindi or English subtitles in the initial movie till the movie is dubbed and released.

Captioning is also a version of subtitling with more emphasis on the ongoing scenario in the movie. If the hero is on a bike and his bike is stuck in traffic, the captioning will also state- lot of horn honking in the background, vendors selling papers and fancy items in the traffic signal. Captioning is a level forward to sub titling where it gives the user the exact scenario feeling in text.

Subtitling is more for people who don’t understand the language but can hear the dialogues. But captioning or Close captioning is for people who cannot hear anything.

Today many of the movies have both the options in the same version and will evolve more in the same manner.

Captioning also have open and close captioning. Open captioning are permanently added in the bottom of the video and closed captioning (CC)will have an option of being added to the video as an option in the native players of OTT and other streaming services.

Cosmic Sounds a leading voice over studio provides subtitling and captioning for many movies and short videos across Indian and foreign languages.

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