Action Voice Dubbing In Sports- Cricket T20 IPL

The COVID pandemic had hit all the possible things in the ecosystem and so was sports and entertainment.  IPL the summer special entertainer was held outside India in the Middle East – UAE for the first time. And as the rules of the land the probation to allow general public buy tickets and view the matches in the stadium were prohibited.

So how do we make the noise and make it real feel of the tournament, it’s really boring for any player or even fans to watch a match without any cheer and crowd noise. The solution by the broadcasters was crowd voice dubbing or pre-recorded audience cheers in the stadium in all the matches.  They had prerecorded fans expressions to match the move of the match mixing it with the commentary making it more and livelier.

But the flavor did not go well in the initial matches as views in the TV and App were a bit confused with the crowd cheer and the empty stands. Then came the actual adaptation, in the initial matches the same could not be adapted so well, but after a long work and might be re planning the sounds with the earlier matches the crowd cheering could be made a success. This is one of the strange success stories.

Generally action voice dubbing is more to do with Audio clips or videos where dubbing of background scene is created let me be a traffic sound or beach air & wave sound, sound of the train, bus and car honking and many more.

Cosmic sounds  Dubbing Services provider Company has an in-depth experience in creating Action voice dubbing sequence for any scenarios with its plethora of experience in the movie and voice industry for over a decade.

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