Professional Thai Voice Over Services To Bring Your Footage To Life

Quality Thai voice-overs can bring your video footage to life. Expert voice over artists can give personality to your message to the world. If you are looking to add narration to your footage or you need to translate dialogue, a professional Thai voice over agency can connect with viewers on a more relatable level and maximise the impact of video campaigns.

Thai Voice Over Services: More about Thai Language

Thai is a Tai-Kadai language. With a present population of all but 70 million, and also in the Midway Islands, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Singapore, the language is spoken by about 65 million people mainly in Thailand.

Like Chinese and Vietnamese, Thai is also a tonal language. This means that the same word can have a different meaning depending on how it is pronounced. Generally, there are 5 tones, i.e. low tone, mid tone, high tone, rising tone and falling tone are used in this language.

The language is also closely related to Lao, though the northern dialects of Thai are more or less mutually intelligible with Lao, especially the Lao spoken in northern Thailand. Actually, Thai vocabulary includes various words, such as: Pali, Sanskrit and Old Khmer, to name a few.

Understanding Thai Voice Over Requirements

There are countless factors to consider when you work with a working with a Thai voice over agency, as there are with any other language. Questions you need to keep in mind.

When translating into or out of Thai language, what do you hope to accomplish?
What are the demographics of your target audience?
Is this a Thai time sync voiceover or a Thai lip sync dub?
What are the average age range and/or gender of the Thai Voiceover Artists you are going to hire?
Is this a one-time requirement?
Is this a long-term project? This will ensure the artists’ continuity on your Thai voice over
How many different options do you need?
Which output format do you prefer?
Are commercial and broadcast rights required for your projects?

Contact Cosmic Sounds For Expert Thai Voice Over Artists

We are equipped with highly skilled and experienced native Thai voice over artists available to review our website, blogs, online journals or other materials – you can view profiles for each of our Thai voice over experts above, and listen to professional Thai voice reel clips showcasing the high standard commercial work of any Thai voice over professional you are interested in.

If you are looking for bespoke Thai voice over agency, then you are at the right place. The best thing about us is – we offer both male and female voice artists with a wide range of professional experience and skills, so are best placed to assist you find the perfect voice professional for your commercial voice over project.

If you confused finding the right Thai voice artists for your upcoming project(s) on our website, online platforms or others, feel free to send us your brief. Our professional voice over representatives is there to help you. Cosmic Sounds is highly experienced in Thai voice casting. We will be very happy to carry out Thai voice casting on your behalf whether you cannot find an artist that suits your project. One call does all! Just get in touch today!

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