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Television has the most extensive reach and has been captivating households for generations with a wide variety of content. Over the years, consumption of daily soaps and soap operas has increased. With the immense popularity and increased viewership of such content, many TV series are dubbed in other languages for people to consume. Several mainstream tv-series are using voice-over artists to dub these series in regional languages. Many foreign language programs have gained popularity, and viewers are no longer confined to regional or national content but have a choice of viewing a plethora of world content at a click of a button. Hence, they aren’t just interested to see subtitles but want to enjoy the whole experience of knowing the dialog mouthed by the actor.

Cosmic sounds have trained voice-over artists who provide the right nuances for drama, action, comedy, horror, or any genre and make it a surreal experience for the viewer. We enable you to enjoy any film in the language of your choice. Our expert voice-over artists in TV have taken up projects which have international appeal and increased their market reach by localizing the content. Cosmic sounds ensure that the flavor of the native language and regional accent stay true to the region while providing voice-overs.

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As the market is growing for all sorts of content from various platforms, TV has remained a steady staple, with tv-series ruling the roost. Certain serials have pan-India appeal, and we definitely cater to making this happen with the help of our talented voice-over artists who transform any tv-series into regional drama within hours.

We have built our portfolio of an admirable number of hit content shows that have broken language barriers and established a new ethos in catering to audiences with content they like to see. With the right amount of emotion and feeling, our voice-over artists have seamlessly transitioned the original content to the regional language, enabling the viewer to have the exact experience they would with the original.

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